What makes a corporate event great? Is it the set up, the food, prizes or entertainment?


A corporate event brings all the employees together as one to celebrate an occasion, a milestone, an achievement or an anniversary. Canada is a beautiful,  multicultural country that opens its arms to many different cultures.  Organizations employ individuals with different backgrounds, traditions and expectations.  Bringing everyone together in one place is only one piece of the puzzle, but creating a fun and exciting atmosphere,  with everyone participating in the fun,  could prove to be challenging.  This is where Party Crew excels.  We pride ourselves in the ability to get a feel for the crowd. Party Crew knows how to break the ice and get everyone together.


One of the corporate holiday parties we had the pleasure of working at was Dawson Dental,  which was held at the beautiful and grand Chateau Le Jardin. Dawson Dental employs many different professionals and offers a variety of dental services. The company has many offices across Ontario. They brought together over 400 people under one roof to celebrate their achievements and thank their employees.  It was an incredible night with the theme of Fire and Ice,  which we emphasized with soft lighting that brought the room to life. But our main goal was to bring everyone together as one and make sure that everyone had a great time.  And we did just that! Below is some proof of how we brought all 400 people on the dance floor! Check out the pictures from the event, taken for us by Anastasia from StasiaPhoto.



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