Sound & Light Effects

Sound & light effects add an extra flair to your event. Great entertainment can be lost on the crowd if it is not showcased properly. A great live band will lose its impact without a good sound system, and a fantastic dance performance can seem mediocre if the lighting is not right.

At Party Crew, we supply the whole package: top quality entertainers together with the sound and light effects that will show them off.

Create a visual impact with lighting effects

Breathtaking décor takes a lot of planning and hard work to create, and it deserves to be displayed in proper illumination that will bring the room to life, accentuate your centrepieces, and make the head table stand out.

Well-designed lighting brings the different elements of your décor together to create the ambience that you are looking for. With Party Crew, your event can be illuminated in a way that sets the mood for the evening and leaves a lasting impression on the most discerning of guests.


Uplighting is a beautiful and affordable way to embellish your function. Lighting up the walls is a décor element that can create an aura of mystique, richness or glamour.

We use state-of-the-art LED technology to create customized lighting displays. You can choose colours that match your décor, select the intensity that will set the right mood and decide how many lights you would like and which parts of the room you would like to accentuate.

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Moving heads

Moving head washes will make your guests feel as if they are on a mystical voyage through time or space. We will create a unique atmosphere by lighting up the ceiling with a mesmerizing moving display. We have a wide variety of room washes, and you will be able to choose one that is a perfect fit for your venue, your décor and the mood you are trying to create.

Moving head profiles are a fun and versatile lighting element that can create Gobos (wall projections such as roses and water reflections), spot lights, and dancing lights for both slow and fast music.

Moving head beams will enhance the stage and add to the excitement of the entertainment by creating a skyscraper lighting effect.

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Beautiful and Elegant Light Effects

Gobos are beautiful and elegant light projections that can be customized with your own symbols and designs, from initials and logos to floral patterns, stars and water reflections.Our lighting systems are used with secure truss systems that can double as decorative elements.

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Rock the Room with Perfect Sound

Rock the room with perfect sound Providing sound is a lot more involved than plugging in a pair of speakers. The Party Crew will set up a sound system that works with your venue and with your entertainment, ensuring easy listening for all of your guests, no matter where they are seated. The volume will be balanced and the sound will be free of distortion. All of your guests will be able to hear comfortably, and nobody will have their eardrums blasted.

Magical Atmosphere with Special Effects

Do you want your dance floor to be more than just a dance floor? Do you want to feel as if you are dancing on a cloud during your first dance with your new husband or wife? Or maybe you want to have a dramatic grand entrance, an air of mystery or a carnival-like atmosphere of fun.

Party Crew has a wide variety of special effects available for your event. We can give you a romantic atmosphere with our dry ice machines, a party vibe with colourful confetti or bubbles, or enhance your mood with wall projections depicting any design of your choice.

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